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I began teaching as a graduate assistant in 1972 and teaching continues to be a great joy. I am currently a full professor at Appalachian State University, in the Department of Technology www.appstate.edu where I have taught (for over 35 years) in courses in ceramics---in design and construction, furniture making and design, metals, leather, technical illustration and design in drawing. My primary focus is now on ceramics and I have had the experience of teaching and studying in this field through out the United States and in Japan, Africa, Australia and Tasmania. Though I have made art pieces, a greater interest is on functional pieces of pottery and this timeless form of art.

In 1998 I began a Crafts Enrichment Program www.craftenrichment.com to offer hands on experience with crafts.

As the Director of the Michael R. Patricelli Craft Enrichment Program I hope to preserve traditional crafts such as pottery both thrown and hand built, basket making, weaving, jewelry, and quilting. Students from grade school through retirement are involved in this program.

My mission has been to encourage folks to see and experience creativity and to develop their own creative outlets. My medium has changed over many years, but my constant has been working in clay and working with students of all ages. To teach is to learn and I have gained much from teaching in the academy as well as the community, in this country and a broad.

For inquires about my work and product info please email me at eric@erpotter.com