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I started setting up my ceramic studio in January of 2017. I majored in fine arts at Hamilton College and learned about working in clay from Professor Robert Palusky . It was with his support and encouragement that I went on to the University of Notre to complete a Masters Degree in Fine Arts and further develop my skills and knowledge under professor William Kremer. The focus of my work was always sculptural but I started throwing and I got hooked.

Making a living and raising a family is hard to do as artist so for most of my life I ran a garden design and construction company. The cool part of my company was that our gardens were on roof tops throughout Manhattan. Plants were just a part of the overall product. Elaborate woodworking, cabinetry, lighting systems, irrigation systems, decorative steel work were all incorporated in to our projects. For 30 years I traveled in to New York from our suburban home to create beautiful outside spaces for the very rich and sometimes famous clients. Click here to take a small look at my companies work.

Every job has its difficult aspects and my wife and I decided we wanted a change. Our kids finished their schooling. Jane my spouse of 30 years landed a job in Valle Crucis school and moved south while I closed up business and put our home on the market. In short time we had settled in Boone. While I got my feet under me I started working in the school system. I took pottery classes at ASU in craft enrichment program and was lucky enough to have Eric Reichard as a teacher. Everyday I work in my studio in one capacity or another and I am continuing my education at ASU in the craft enrichment program doing some glass, clay and metal work. I've been attending national workshops in metal casting and looking for every opportunity to expand my creative horizons. So as part of this new business I am developing a website and developing my product line. Lots to do. It's a work very much in process. Please take a look at my site and check out what I have to offer. I am very committed to exploring ideas and processes so the work will change. Stay tuned. I hope you'll find something you like and take it home with ya. Enjoy it!


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